Dental Products

We offer many dental products to help keep your companions teeth clean and healthy. While some of these products may help with the bad breath you may be smelling, sometimes bad breathe can come from internal issues going on, not just the dirty teeth you see! Please see your veterinarian if you continue to smell bad odor from their mouth, even after a dental cleaning and prevention. Below is a list of products that we carry and believe in, in order to help keep your pets teeth clean and healthy!

*Dental Cleaning – Always best first before using preventatives!*

All C.E.T. products include an ingredient called Chlorhexidine. Chlorhexidine is a chemical antiseptic and very safe as long as not used in high concentrations. Chlorhexidine is found in many of our human toothpastes and rinses.






C.E.T. Toothbrush and Toothpaste- This is the ultimate way you want to be able to clean their teeth without an actual dental cleaning by the clinic. If you are able to brush their teeth once or twice a day, it’s the best way! We have two options for toothbrushes, either the long ones if they’ll let you, and then one that you can hook onto your finger and use as if you were just using your finger to brush.

C.E.T. Oral Rinse- The second best way to get your pet’s teeth clean! This rinse has a nozzle that you attach to the top, and just raise up each side of the pet’s lip and squirt on the gums, as they lick and move their mouth, the rinse goes throughout and attacks the bacteria inside.

C.E.T. Aquadent- This is a drinking water additive. This is a liquid that you put in your pet’s water bowl every day. You will need to give fresh water everyday. As your pet drinks, the mixed aquadent (which includes the Chlorhexidine) will wash throughout your dogs mouth, cleaning and killing bacteria. You only need to give a small amount in their water bowl and a bottle can last you a month or two, depending on your pet’s size! I.E. If your pet under 25 lbs, you add 1 teaspoonful (5 ml) to one pint of fresh water. Any water to be filled throughout the day will not need to be treated!.

C.E.T. Dental Chews- These chews are a lot like a “pig ear” texture. You can get in 5 sizes. Cat, Petite, Medium, Large and Extra-Large. Most pets seem to love these “treats” and only need one per day! All bags with the exception of the cat bag, comes with about 30 chews, so you have enough to last you for a month. These chews also include the ingredient Chlorhexidine as well. Probably our most popular due to the “treat” factor.

**You can use the treats as well as combining with one of the other C.E.T rinses or toothpaste for an added benefit!

T/D Kernals – From Prescription Diet, this kernal is about 1″ by 1″. T/d kernals were originally brought out as a dogfood for teeth, however they have been shaped and provided as more of a treat for dogs. This food is harder to chew than most dogfood you’ll find. The reason being, that when chewed it helps to clean the teeth as the teeth are grinding against the kernal. This food has been proven to help by using in the treat form and giving 1-3 kernals throughout the day to your pet. There is also a T/D small bites for your smaller companion and a T/D for cats as well!