Flea and Tick Control

Please call us regarding any further information you may have over these products. Talking with your veterinarian or veterinary technician is always best before purchasing these products! It’s always the better choice to keep your dog/cat on whichever prevention best suits you every 30 days. It is also very important to not just treat your pet, but also treat the outside environment they play or sleep in most. If you have a large flea or tick problem, you will continue to see them on your pets without treatment of the environment. As an addition; fleas are where tapeworms come from in your pet. Getting the fleas under control, will also help in preventing tapeworms from affecting you and your pets life! DON’T LET THESE PARASITES TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR PET! : see below :

Introducing Bravecto!

Bravecto is a flavored chewable that only has to be given every 3 months to exterminate and prevent fleas and ticks. Your dog must be at least 6 months of age to take this chewable. It can be given with or without food.



Revolution is a topical flea prevention and control, as well as a heartworm preventetive! Revolution needs to be applied every month to continue with an overall coverage for fleas and heartworms.  Revolution also treats and controls ear mites and sarcoptic mange as an added bonus! For cats, it controls intestinal parasites as well!


Trifexis is a chewable tablet used for the prevention and control of fleas as well as a prevention of heartworms and heartworm disease! Trifexis uses the Comfortis flea tablet as a combined tablet for the prevention of fleas, so please see the Comfortis information above. This tablet also treats and controls Intestinal worms in the realm of adult Hookworms,  Roundworms and Whipworms. This tablet like the other, needs to be given once a month for full coverage.

Activyl Plus!

Activyl Plus is the fist and only monthly spot-on flea control product made with indoxacarb, an active ingredient with a unique mode of action. Available *only* through veterinarians. Effective for an entire 30 days. Spreads through natural oils in skin and when a flea lands, it will take up the Activyl product by simply absorbing through the fleas skeleton. Enzymes inside the flea trigger the active ingredient and the flea is unable to feed, becomes paralyzed and dies.

Preventic Tick Collar

This collar is a very effective tick collar for those areas where you just can’t get the ticks under control! This collar will last up to 3 months time. It may last longer but is recommended to be replaced at least every 3 months. If your pet is in watered areas much, try to replace at least every 2 months.